September is National Emergency Preparedness Month

U.S. sets record for billion-dollar disasters in 2023

Are you ready and prepared for the next natural disaster or emergency? Do you have all your insurance needs met?

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By Brittney Meredith-Miller 

As of September, the United States has already set an unfortunate record with 23 billion-dollar-plus weather and climate disasters happening in 2023, according to the NOAA, with over a quarter of the year still to come.

While the natural disasters we’re most likely to hear about in the news include hurricanes – like Hurricane Idalia, which made landfall in Florida on Aug. 29 – or devastating wildfires – like the Hawaii Fire Storm, which caused $5.5 billion in damage on the island of Maui in early August – a great deal of climate-related damage is caused by wind, flooding and hail from severe storms.

An illustration of a ship on a rough sea. The number "2023" is in the boat.

To put the 23 billion-dollar natural disasters that have occurred in 2023 so far into perspective, from 1980 to 2022, the national average was 8.1 billion-dollar events per year (CPI-adjusted). Photo: Creativa Images/Adobe StockS

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