The 10 safest cities in the U.S.

Author: Brittney Meredith-Miller

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A recent report from MoneyGeek examined FBI data on violent crimes like rape, murder and aggravated assault, as well as property crimes like burglary and motor vehicle theft, from more than 300 cities to determine which places in the United States are the safest.

In large cities with populations over 300,000, the average cost of crime per capita is $3,325, which is 74% higher than the average for medium-sized cities. According to MoneyGeek, the safest large city in the United States is Irvine, California with a crime cost of $364 per capita, followed by Henderson, Nevada; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Honolulu, Hawaii; and El Paso, Texas.

Of the 15 most dangerous places, 10 were large cities. Birmingham, Alabama topped the list of most dangerous cities, with a crime cost per capita of $11,392 and a violent crime rate of 1,682 per 100,000 residents. The cities that rounded out the top five most dangerous were New Orleans, Louisiana; St. Louis, Missouri; Detroit, Michigan; and Memphis, Tennessee.

Crime creates a plethora of costs for both individuals and local economies, including victim medical and mental health care, damage to property, police and corrections costs, and increased rates for homeowners, renters and auto insurance coverages.

In the slideshow above, we’ll look at the ten cities that MoneyGeek determined are the safest overall in the United States.


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